Jeff Barr has a humorous look at the approach junior Google recruiters are using on him. As Scoble said:

Anyone who does an hour's worth of research with a search engine, like, say, Google's, knows that Jeff is worth hiring and isn't worth treating with a bit of the usual filtering bulls##t. Either hire him, or leave him alone. I also wouldn't let newbie recruiters even get close to anyone who has a blog --- I'd make sure that bloggers get handled by a real pro, not the amateur hour kind of hiring folks that are pitching Jeff currently.
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Referenced Wed May 23 2007 09:15:04 GMT-0600 (MDT)

Robert's right. The world of blogging has changed what you can know about a person and the sense you can get about them--for good or bad. At more senior levels, I think a company ought to be suspicious of anyone who doesn't have some kind of online trail. I'm not talking about a blog. But when you search on someone who's claiming to have a track record in business, that record ought to be peeking through at least a little.

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