Hunting Down Spammers

The last talk reminds me that on my way into Canada, as I was passing through customs, the customs officer asked me my business. I reported I was going to give a tutorial at a Web conference. Here's the conversation:

Customs Officer: On what?

Me: Digital identity.

Customs Officer: What's that?

Me: Ways to identify people on the Web.

Customs Officer: Will it help with Spam?

Me: Not directly.

Customs Officer: Will you ask the people at the conference if there's any way we can hunt them [spammers] down and kill them?

N.B. I think by "we" he meant society in general, not Customs

Me: I'll let them know

Customs Officer: Thanks.

When the frustration level of the general public is getting to the point that you get comments like that going through customs, you know people are just plain sick and tired of it.

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