Technorati Wins and Losses

Technorati is one of the tools I use everyday. One of the most important parts of blogging is participating in conversations that are going on the 'Net. Technorati helps me find out when people are responding to something I've written.

The good folks at Technorati are a busy bunch. It seems like the site is different almost everyday. Sometimes radically. Recently the layout for what Technorati now calls "reactions" changed. I like the new look and think that much of the important the information easier to find. It's also not as "busy" with ads. Frankly some of the ads that Technorati has had in the past made me uncomfortable putting forth it forth as a professional tool.

Something I don't like about the new layout is site lock-in. Technorati has removed the links to me from the snippets they put in the site, making it more difficult to find out which responses are meaningful and which are not. I spend more time now deciphering the results--not good for a tool whose value is presenting information.

Lately, they've also removed the links to the blog that's reacting to mine as well. The only link is to the blog's page on Technorati. I'm sure their increasing the page views on Technorati, but they've significantly decreased the value of the tool to me--and others, I suspect.

Technorati is one of the key landmarks of the blogosphere. I recommend it to new bloggers all the time. I hope they'll soon restore some of the things that made it so valuable to me.

Update: I found with some further exploration that it's only some blogs that don't have a link bak to the article from the post title in Technorati. I've concluded that must be a problem with the feed Technorati is getting, not something Technorati is doing on purpose. I coincidentally just had a page of those all at once. Still, I'd like the links restored inside the summary text.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.