Top Ten IT Conversations Programs for April 2007

Here is the list of the top ten shows on IT Conversations for April 2007 ranked by downloads. The ratings each of these show recieved is also shown.

  1. Kevin Werbach - Tech Nation (Rating: 3.25)
  2. David Platt - Why Software Sucks (Rating: 3.49)
  3. Lou Carbone - Creating Customer Loyalty (Rating: 4.43)
  4. Ian Wilmut - BioTech Nation (Rating: 3.38)
  5. Bruce Perens - Technometria: Software Patents (Rating: 3.80)
  6. Miguel de Icaza - Technometria: The Mono Project (Rating: 4.12)
  7. Phil Libin - Jon Udell's Interviews With Innovators (Rating: 4.00)
  8. Geoffrey Bilder - Jon Udell's Interviews With Innovators (Rating: 4.00)
  9. Dave Evans - User Generated Content and Word of Mouth (Rating: 3.88)
  10. Drummond Reed - Technometria: XRI (Rating: 3.90)

Jon Udell's new series, Interviews with Innovators makes a strong initial showing with two of his shows making the top ten in the first month on IT Conversations.

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