I was chosen, for the fourth year, in a row, as a member of the v|100. The v|100 recognizes entrepreneurs with Utah ties and is sponsored by vSpring Capital, an early stage venture firm. From the announcement:

Each year, vSpring asks members of the Utah business community to nominate individuals who are most likely to lead a successful startup venture in the next five to seven years in the IT (information technology) or biotech industries in a chief executive or chief technical officer role. Those nominees who garner the most votes from their peers in this second step of the annual voting process are then elected into the v|100.

"The v|100 community of entrepreneurs continues to be an indication of the abundance of one of the most important factors of production in our region; human capital," said Ed Ekstrom, managing director of vSpring Capital. "This year's results are especially interesting with the creation of an audit committee consisting of David Jolley at Ernst & Young, Mark Bonham at Wilson Sonsini and Professor Scott Schaefer at the University of Utah. Their oversight of the nomination and voting process brings a level of credibility which highly validates this v|100 class for their accomplishments."

"The v|100 process is unique in that members are selected not by a committee or a panel of judges, but by their peers," said Professor Scott Schaefer from the University of Utah and member of the audit committee who oversees the selection process. "This gives the results a unique and compelling validity."
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This is a great group to be associated with and vSpring takes care to ensure it's not just a list. The v|100 get together for a lunch and some smaller gatherings throughout the year. I've found it to be a very useful tool for getting to know other entrepreneurs in Utah.

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