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My review of NextPage Document Retention came out a while ago in InfoWorld.

"Compliance" is a word that can make a CIO cringe, especially when it comes to document retention and--just as important--destruction.

Traditional document management products require that knowledge workers use a centralized system to track documents associated with a project. For some organizations, this is just enough of a disruption to established workflows that the systems frequently aren't used at all. The very applications we use to create, edit, and share documents often compound the management problem by hiding multiple copies all over the computer.

NextPage 2 Document Retention changes all that. The beauty of Document Retention is that it increases compliance with your organization's document retention policy without requiring significant changes to an employee's normal work habits. Once installed, it functions as an interested observer, watching actions taken by the user and keeping track of document flow and versioning. What's more, Document Retention requires minimal information from the user to accomplish this task.

Document Retention injects modest amounts of workflow into the user's normal routine, but does so at appropriate spots. The user creates, edits, saves, and shares Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents as usual; Document Retention watches these actions and creates a document tracking database in the background, based on the distributed information from each user.

As I worked through my test scenarios with Document Retention, it was very easy to envision how a group could effectively use the tools to manage documents without significantly impacting their workflow. I suspect that after a few weeks, no one would even notice it was there.

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One of the fun parts of doing this review was using Parallels to create multiple machines so that I could pretend I was multiple users. Amazing how easy that was and what a pain this review would have been to do without it.

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