Optimizing iTunes for IT Conversations

A number of people use iTunes as their podcatcher--the software that automatically downloads a podcast and puts it on their iPod. If that's you, please take a minute to change your preferences so that you don't miss any IT Conversations podcasts.

By default iTunes only downloads the most recent podcast from a given site each day. For most sites, which publish less than once per day, that works fine. For sites like IT Conversations, however, that means you might be missing some shows you'd rather have downloaded.

I try to just publish one show per day to avoid this problem, but on occasion I need to publish two or even three shows on a given day and that means that people who are using iTunes miss out. For example, on Thursdays I almost always publish more than one show for TechNation--usually two and sometimes three. Here's a screenshot of the iTunes preference you need to update:

iTunes preferences

Just change it to say "download all" and then you'll get all of the podcasts in the RSS feed, even if we publish more than one per day. There's a lot of great presentations coming up from O'Reilly's MySQL conference, ETel, and ETech. Plus Supernova and another round of Adaptive Path's User Experience Week later this summer. I may be publishing 7 or 8 shows per week before long. You won't want to miss any of them.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.