Steve Gillmor on Bad Sinatra
Steve Gillmor on Bad Sinatra
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I'm watching the first edition of Bad Sinatra, Steve Gillmor's new video show.

The show starts with Steve walking into Marc Benioff's office.

There are a few segments with Dan Farber. I love watching Steve and Dan argue. They're like an old married couple. At one point Dan's walking away and Steve says "Nice man. It's amazing how someone so nice can be so wrong."

He talked to ;a href="">Scoble for a while at the Web 2.0 Expo when Scoble was doing his "Dork TV" bit.

He spends some time with Doc Searls just riffing. He ends by asking Marc Benioff about the iPhone.

I chuckled for 30 minutes. The only disappointment was that the links Steve added for iPhone and Apple TV didn't work for me. I'd love to have watched it relaxing in the bedroom instead of in my office. Next time maybe...

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