Two of the people I respect the most, Jon Udell and Rohit Khare are together in one podcast: Jon's latest from his weekly Interviews With Innovators podcast on IT Conversations. Jon has a short write-up on his blog about the podcast and it's topic: syndication oriented architectures.

SynOA was born on the open web and is now creeping into the enterprise. To understand why, just consider Facebook. It is a deeply syndication-oriented application. Although Facebook users never have to think about it in these terms, they are constantly publishing events onto a syndication bus while at the same time subscribing to aggregated feeds published by their friends. As a result, they're effortlessly yet comprehensively aware of a large number of summarized event streams. Rohit Khare thinks that syndication-oriented architecture will enable business users to achieve that same kind of awareness.

Good stuff. Rohit has a white paper on SynOA at KnowNow (registration required). It's worth reading to get the meat of what he's talking about.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.