User-Centric Identity Events at DIDW

There are several user-centric identity events happening at the upcoming Digital Identity World.

Identity Open Space

User-Centric Digital Identity is gaining traction. OpenID is one of first of several efforts moving out on the web. There is a cluster of working groups working on various issues including Identity Schema's, Identity Rights Agreements, Interoperability with OSIS, protocols working together on the Concordia Project and others.

You're invited to participate in a half-day Identity Open Space being held in conjunction with Digital Identity World on September 26, 2007 (Wednesday) at the San Francisco Hilton. Cost for this afternoon of open space is $40 which covers the cost of lunch and incidentals.

Like the longer Internet Identity Workshops held twice yearly, Identity Open Space events are based on open space principals. The first order of business will be to create the agenda. We expect the afternoon to be filled with interesting sessions on user-centric and internet-scale identity systems. Introductory sessions will be included as necessary, taught by experts in the field.

Please plan on arriving at the IOS meeting space (exact room TBD) at noon for lunch and the agenda planning session. Actual IOS sessions will begin at 1pm.

Attendees at the Identity Open Space qualify for a discount admission to DIDW of $995. Contact me for the discount code.

Please use the registration page to register. Please register as soon as possible so that we can give the hotel accurate numbers--if you register late, you may not receive a lunch.

Note that you don't have to attend DIDW to participate in the IOS event, but you do have to register for the IOS to use the discount code.

Internet Scale Identity Panel

Kaliya is moderating a panel at DIDW on the future of Internet Scale Identity. To prepare there is an open community - 'scenario planning exercise' on Sunday afternoon Sept 23. Anyone is welcome to attend whether they are coming to DIDW or not. It will likely be at the conference hotel but that is to be confirmed along with the time. Sign up on the wiki if you are planning on coming, this page will also have more details as they are forthcoming.

Feel free to fill out this survey in the coming weeks too. (Thanks to Eugene Kim for helping with the logistics of doing this survey.)

We hope you can participate in one or both of these events!

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