Barx: A Proxy Resolver for XRI

Victor Grey and Kermit Snelson have created an XRI proxy resolver in Ruby called Barx. In it's most simple form, a proxy resolver returns an XRDS document when given an XRI. From the spec: "Proxy resolvers enable applications even those that do not natively understand XRIs but can process HTTP URIs---to easily access the functions of an XRI resolver remotely." An example is Barx implements the entire XRI resolution spec with the exception of SAML trusted resolution.

According to Victor, "[t]he proxy resolver is a fast HTTP server based on Mongrel and Merb that can be run as a local service (on localhost:someport) to provide XRI resolution and caching for other applications such as OpenID relying parties, or as a scalable public service if desired." The Ruby gem can be installed with

gem install barx

and the proxy can be downloaded from Rubyforge.

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