New Series on the Conversations Network

This last week, the Conversation Network (IT Conversation's parent) launched a new channel: Media Conversations. The new channel, like IT Conversations and Social Innovations Conversations, produces high quality audio shows from a variety of sources.

A first for us: Media Conversations includes video for some shows. The video is of a series called "Future Talks." The first two shows are with Gerd Leonhard and Glen Hiemstra. I've listened to both and found the very interesting. In addition to the video, you can just get the audio tracks via RSS if you like.

I'll be pulling in some shows from Media Conversations into the IT Conversations stream as they seem to be a fit. I did that with Gerd's talk today, so even if you're not subscribed to Media Conversations, you'll see some material from that channel on IT Conversations.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.