Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki was in Utah speaking on the Art of Innovation. Guy is a humorous speaker. I enjoyed it in spite of the fact that I've heard the talk several times before--on IT Conversations. I listened to the talk twice as we were getting ready to publish it and so I could finish most of Guy's sentences. Nothing wrong with that.

There were a few unique elements to the talk that Guy threw in and he responded well to some technical difficulties with the mic. It was a shame that it happened, but didn't detract too much. I also enjoyed seeing the slides--mostly to see how he used his slides. I like seeing how other people give keynote talks.

Guy's message is a variation on this post on his blog from 2006. He's modified it some. Here's the ten he gave today:

  1. Make meaning, not money
  2. Make mantras
  3. Jump the curve
  4. Roll the DICEE
  5. Don't worry, be crappy
  6. Polarize people
  7. Let a thousand flowers bloom
  8. Churn, baby, churn
  9. Niche thyself
  10. Follow th 10/20/30 rule
  11. Don't let the bozos grind you down

Guy had some book recommendations:

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