ParenScript: A Lispy JavaScript Generator

Feedback on my interview with Bruce Johnson on the Google Web Toolkit led to ParenScript, a little language for Lisp that generates JavaScript. From the intro:

ParenScript is a small Lispy language that can be compiled to JavaScript. It also comes with client-side HTML and CSS generation libraries. This approach simplifies the development of web applications by enabling all components of the application to be written in Lisp, so that HTML, CSS and JavaScript code can all be generated with the full power of Lisp and its macros.

At the same time, ParenScript strives to produce maximally readable JavaScript with the absolute minimum overhead for advanced Lisp features, which sets it apart from other JavaScript generation tools. This enables straightforward, surprise-free debugging in tools like Firebug, and painless integration with JavaScript libraries such as Prototype.

From ParenScript
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One neat feature: ParenScript comes with it's own macro definition form defpsmacro for creating ParenScript macros. A big step forward in user extensibility. Another is it's SEXP to JSON translation.

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