Paul Graham has released Arc, his new language.

Arc is still a work in progress. We've done little more than take a snapshot of the code and put it online. I spent a fews days cleaning up inconsistencies, but it's still in the semi-finished state most software is, full of hacks and note-to-self comments about fixing them.
From Arc's Out
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Paul mentions Arc in a number of his essays:

Paul wrote HackerNews in Arc as a "big project" to shake out the bugs and design issues.

Arc runs on top of mzscheme and is decidedly Lispy. What did you expect from the guy who wrote two of the leading books on Lisp and is one of it's biggest champions.

I think it's very cool that programming languages continue to be developed and that new ideas keep popping out of the woodwork. Many people are surprised by this, but programming languages are not technologies. They are notations--notations that can come alive and animate bits and atoms. There will always be a need for new and better notations.

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