This Thursday is the CTO Breakfast! We've got a few really cool things lined up:

  • Scott Lemon is going to give a short tutorial on writing Facebook applications
  • Scott also is going to bring his XO Laptop (one laptop per child)

OK, so basically, it's the Scott Lemon show. But I'm sure it will lead to plenty of good discussion. So come prepared to learn and to talk about the cool things you've seen since last we met.

The breakfast is at the Novell Cafeteria (Building G). It's not as far as you think! Really. I promise. Try it and see. You can find directions here.

The meetings begin at 8am and generally last until 9:30 or so. Here are the future dates:

  • Feb 28 (Thursday)
  • Mar 27 (Thursday)
  • Apr 17 (Thursday)
  • May 30 (Friday)

There's a Google calendar of the CTO Breakfast for your convenience.

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