Time for Fry's in Utah

Now that CompUSA is closing, there are no decent places in Utah to buy electronics. Not that CompUSA was a dream store by any means, but at least it was something. There's BestBuy and Circuit City, but they're not the same--they just don't have a good assortment of disks, video cards, cases, memory, etc.

Scott Lemon has begun a campaign to convince Fry's Electronics to open a store in Utah. He's proposing we send them emails asking them to locate a store here. Here's the message:

To: feedback@frys.com; service@outpost.com; press@outpost.com
Subject: Open a Fry's Electronics in Utah

Body: I am writing to you to request that you consider opening a Fry's Electronic store here in Utah. I am part of a large and growing community of people who can appreciate the value that your store could bring to our state. With the closure of CompUSA, we are now left with no real source for electronic and technology products. The Utah population is continuing to grow, and many large retailers - like Ikea - are moving into the state. Please consider our state as a great location for the next Fry's Electronics store that you open, and feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to support your efforts to open here.

Or, if you're lazy, just click this link:

Click here for the Fry’s Electronics in Utah e-mail message!

You probably ought to personalize it a little. :-)

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