Top IT Conversations Shows for December 2007

Here are the top ten shows on IT Conversations (by number of downloads) for December 2007:

  1. Trust Online Panel 1 - Technical and Regulatory Issues (No rating yet)

    While the Internet is quickly becoming an indispensable part of our lives and business, it still remains a challenging environment to achieve a secure and private experience. In this moderated panel from the Trust Online Conference, Lise Buyer leads an insightful discussion of trust with the help of an extremely qualified panel. Scott Charney, Mozelle Thompson, and Dr. James Ransome share their experience while addressing some of the fundamental challenges of managing risk on the Internet.

  2. Matt MacLaurin - Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators (No rating yet)

    Matt MacLaurin, who works for Microsoft's Creative Systems Group, is developing a game -- and game-development platform -- called Boku. On this episode of Interviews with Innovators, host Jon Udell asks Matt about his own early experiences writing software for systems that invited hacking.

  3. Bob Drogin - Tech Nation (Rating: 3.33)

    Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Bob Drogin talks with Dr. Moira Gunn about the person and the sham perpetrated by the source, presciently code-named "Curveball." The result? The idea that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

  4. Eliezer Yudkowsky - Introducing the "Singularity": Three Major Schools of Thought (Rating: 4.75)

    Has artificial intelligence failed? Eliezer Yudkowsky, from the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, humorously examines the three leading schools of thought concerning the singularity and considers AI's successes, failures, and ways to actually judge artificial intelligence.

  5. Dan Lulich - Technometria: Device Reputation (Rating: 3.40)

    As online fraud continues to grow as a major issue, enterprises are trying to come up with new ways to reduce the problem. Unfortunately, we have traded convenience for strong authentication, so other methods must be used. Dan Lulich, Vice President of Technology for iovation, joins Phil and Scott to discuss the concept of end-user machine reputation as a way to establish identity. He talks about how authenticating the device is a better method to identify users.

  6. Avi Bryant - Keynote (Rating: 5.00)

    Avi Bryant is a Smalltalk developer who joined the Ruby community in its earliest days. He is the author of Seaside, a web-application development framework for Smalltalk, and of Dabble DB, a user-friendly web-based database developed with Smalltalk. In this address, he weighs Ruby against Smalltalk, pleading similarities between the languages and arguing that Smalltalk provides lessons that the Ruby community can learn.

  7. Gigi Sage - "Hello Tarzan" - How to Connect with Your Man (Rating: 4.00)

    What started out as a search for different quality experiences for Gigi Sage, has become a life long pursuit to create harmony in all area of her's life and how to make all kinds of relationships work. In this interview, Sage pulls from over twenty years of teaching and working with women to offer help for men and women everywhere who are looking to build harmonious personal and professional relationships.

  8. Internet Records & Home-brew Cellphones - IEEE Spectrum Radio (No rating yet)

    Everyone is leaving an electronic slime trail behind them on the internet, according to Bob Lucky. On this edition of IEEE Spectrum Radio, Bob Lucky shares his thoughts on the records we're all creating on the internet, and Spectrum takes a look at the Homebrew Computer Club's illegitimate child: the Homebrew Cellphone Club.

  9. Gary McGraw - Technometria: Exploiting Online Games (Rating: 4.67)

    Exploiting Online Games takes a frank look at controversial security issues surrounding MMORPGs, such as World of Warcraft and Second Life. The book comes fully loaded with code examples, debuggers, bots, and hacks. Co-author Gary McGraw joins Phil and Scott to discuss this important topic. Of interest to gamers, developers, and security professionals, Gary talks about how gamers cheat, as well as why software companies are slow to combat the problem.

  10. William McDonough - Cradle to Cradle Design (Rating: 4.62)

    How many buildings do you know that can produce oxygen? William McDonough, the man Time magazine recognized in 1999 as a "Hero for the Planet," has designed buildings for clients such as Ford and Gap that can do just that. McDonough -- architect, industrial systems designer, and proponent of eco-effectiveness -- urges his audience of business school students to set goals not toward an efficient bottom line of doing the wrong thing less badly, but rather toward the effective top line of doing the right thing.

Interestingly, the top two shows show "No rating yet." Actually, that's not quite accurate. They've been rated but not by enough people that I consider it credible. I have a threshold that has to be met before I report a rating.

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