TripIt Is My New Best Friend!

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If you travel and haven't yet heard of TripIt, you're going to be sooo excited! TripIt is a site that keeps track of your travel. But unlike many other sites that promise to help you with your travel, this one is so easy and useful, you'll actually use it.

Here's what you do: when you get an itinerary from the airline or a hotel, just email it to You're done.

When you email your first item to TripIt, they'll create an account for you and send you a confirmation email. Click the link and you're in. I was amazed to find the hotel and airline reservations for my upcoming trip to San Diego were there, cataloged and turned into a very nice looking itinerary that included Google maps, addresses, click able links and anything else I'd need.

TripIt didn't understand the conference registration email I sent, but they stored it as a note and I moved it to the San Diego trip with two clicks. Easy as can be and now it's all together.

TripIt includes some social features so you can collaborate on a trip with others. I played around with that a bit and also logged in from my iPhone since that's where I'd be wanting most to get to it from when I'm on the road. I was a little disappointed with that. There doesn't seem to be any special support for mobile devices. Another feature I'd love to see is an iCalendar view of the trips so they can be added to Google Calendar, iCal, etc.

Even with those missing features, this is a very cool application. Believe me, your assistant doesn't make itineraries this nice.

Update: Jay informs me via a comment that there is an iCal link. I was looking on the itinerary page, but it's on the page that lists your itinerary. That's so cool. I subscribed to my TripIt calendar and now all that stuff shows up on my calendar just because I forwarded the emails to TripIt. Nice. Very nice.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.