True Grassroots Politics

I just got back from my precinct caucus meeting (Republican) where I was elected by my friends and neighbors as precinct Vice Chair for the coming two years. I was conducting the meeting as Chair.

I love caucus meetings. This is true grassroots politics. Everyone asking question, voting for delegates to the state and county conventions, paper ballots. There's some good discussion and great participation.

I'm always shocked at how few people, relatively speaking, attend. We had a better turn out than I ever remember, but there were still only around 50 people there out of around 2000 in our precinct. Just showing up gives you a huge voice.

As for me, I ran on a platform of making my vote for congressional representative in Utah's Third district contingent on the degree to which the candidate was willing to take the Change Congress pledge. I explained the four points of the pledge, why I thought they were important, and how while I don't believe that there's general corruption problem in Congress, that I do believe money changes things and we need to find ways to reduce its influence. I felt like there was overwhelming support for that stance.

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