Utah Holds Caucuses Tonight: Change Congress

Change Congress

Utah will hold caucus meetings tonight for the purpose of selecting delegates to the county and state conventions. Your voice is amplified many times over by being part of the process that decides who's on the ballot rather than just selecting from a few candidates in November.

The caucus meeting with be with people in your neighborhood--probably people you know. You can find out what precinct you live in by clicking here. Then you can visit the Republican or Democratic Web sites to determine where you should go. (If you're a member of a party other than these two, find your party Web site for caucus locations.)

Once you know where to go, just show up. Both the Republicans and Democrats are meetings at 7pm. You'll find it's a pretty friendly atmosphere. If you want to run as a delegate, it helps to take some friends with you who will vote for you. Being a delegate does take time and involve some meetings (not to mention the conventions themselves) but is a great way to further amplify your voice.

Personally, I'm planning to talk about Lessig's Change Congress movement (I wrote about it while I was at ETech) and my commitment to preferentially vote for candidates willing to take at least part of the Change Congress pledge. If enough delegates did this, we could at least change the part of Congress we're responsible for in Utah.

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