Turning Shoppers Into Customers

Someone asked me for a one-paragraph description of Kynetx today. Here's what I sent them:

Kynetx is an early stage ecommerce company focused on turning shoppers into customers. We provide online merchants with easy to use tools and services that give them the ability to merchandise in real-time to shoppers according to the shopper's individual context without changing their existing ecommerce toolset. Shoppers get a better shopping experience without sacrificing their privacy. Merchants sell more. The management team includes experienced ecommerce veterans Steve Fulling (CEO) and Phil Windley (CTO) who created the iMALL product strategy that successfully led to a $450M exit in 1999.

The last sentence isn't so important for someone wanting to know what we do, but it's good information for investors. Comforting, I hope.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.