Last week, my blog passed it's six year anniversary. My inaugural post (besides what amounted to a "hello world" test post) was on asset management. I didn't post again until the 10th of June. Like many bloggers I got off to a slow start. But June 2002 was a good month with a number of posts that indicate what was on my mind then.

People often ask me how to get their traffic up on their blog. Unfortunately, my experience was atypical. I started early and was one of the first CIOs to blog (I was the CIO for the State of Utah at the time). The attention that I got from that is part of what made blogging such a great experience for me early on and established habits that carry through to today.

In that time, I've posted 3374 times to this blog. If you consider that each year has about 250 work days, that works out to a little more than two posts per workday (2.24 to be exact). That's the real key, I think. Post consistently and write about things that interest you. Then whether anyone reads or not, you win because you'll be better informed by the activity.

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