Web 2.0 and Ecommerce: David Friedman

David Friedman of Avenue A | Razorfish is talking about Web 2.0 technogies and ecommerce. The title was "Web 2.0: A reality check" and I was kind of expecting a cautionary tale, but it was more a tale that went something like "if you're not doing this, then you're dead."

The Web has always been a great place for surgical shopping. When you know what you want, you can go get it and the experience is largely good. Web 2.0 technologies give us the opportunity to put more of the fun of a traditional shopping experience into the Web.

  • Support multi-dimensional product comparisons. This is becoming expected by customers. Ratings and reviews fall into this category, but go beyond ratings and also make it easy to compare products on your site.
  • Build places that make it easy for customers to play and share. How do customers explore your product, engage with it, and share that experience with others.
  • Engage in the conversation. Your customer is interested in getting to know you in a different way. They want you to stop just talking to them and begin a conversation.
  • Give users and influences the ability to take your content and use it i other places. Customers don't really want to go see you. They don't wake in the morning and think: I can hardly wait to go to an online retail store. So let others bring your store to them.

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