WARP your WAN for Performance and Reliability

My review of Fatpipe WARP has appeared in InfoWorld.

I've had a Comcast cable Internet connection for years. Last year I got a shiny new fiber connection from Mstar. But rather than uninstall the cable connection, I asked FatPipe Networks if they'd be willing to let me perform an extended test of the company's flagship route clustering product, WARP.

WARP is a 4U, rack-mountable network appliance that allows up to three WAN connections to be aggregated without the need for complicated BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing configurations. The unit provides traffic load balancing over these connections, allowing both inbound and outbound traffic to take advantage of them. Being able to handle connections of varying speeds from different providers makes WARP a great choice for businesses seeking to add extra bandwidth and increase the reliability of their connectivity.

I eventually shut the Comcast connection down and now get by with the fiber connection (15 Mbps symmetric). But while I had it and the WARP set up, it was pretty cool to be able to push load onto one connection or the other.

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