I've been creating screencasts to show what Kynetx does for VCs and business development. Using screencasts is a quick, easy way to do a demo that doesn't fail and is self contained. I can email the link to a screencast to someone and they get a good idea what I want them to know.

I've been using SnapZPro to record browser sessions and then using iMovie to create the actual movie. SnapZPro works great, but I'm not as impressed with iMovie. Maybe it's just me, but I find it inflexible and hard to use. If you've got suggestions on better programs, I'd love to hear them. I'm interested in

  • Cheap -- we're a startup, after all.
  • Ability to easiliy lay in audio after the fact. I like to script and record the browser interaction and then add the explanation.
  • Good title slide capability. This is one place iMovie left me cold. I wanted to add what amounted to slides, and the internal capabilities were scare. I had to create slides, export them, and then use those pictures.
  • Easy to understand and use--I'm not a video editor.

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