Has Anything Gone Right for the GOP the Last Few Years?

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman (who was re-elected with 78% of the vote) was quoted in a Washington Post article on rebuilding the Republican Party asking "Was there anything that went right for [Republicans] over the last several years?"

Utah's Republican governor, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., predicted a "broad discussion of the future of the party" with virtually every big issue on the table. "Was there anything that went right for us over the last several years?" he asked, saying that the party's international agenda has been "flawed" and U.S. prestige abroad "squandered, in terms of where you see our level of respect overseas."

"Domestically we have been totally tone-deaf in terms of recognizing the environment and where most Americans are in terms of having a healthy environment," said Huntsman, a popular governor who easily won reelection. "We have been missing in action in terms of any semblance of fiscal responsibility, [and] we have put forward nothing meaningful in terms of health-care reform that has any traction."

From Republicans Confront Formidable Task Ahead - washingtonpost.com
Referenced Thu Nov 06 2008 07:11:18 GMT-0700 (MST)

This aligns nicely with the feelings I expressed in my post on conservatism. Interestingly, Republican Governors haven't been totally missing in action on these kinds of issues. They are on the front lines when it comes to tacking health care, balancing environment and development, and other issues that matter to voters. The National party would do well to turn to them.

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