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In the spirit of transparency, Kynetx has published our operational procedures and practices online. As we gain more control over our infrastructure automation, we'll also have real-time operational information and statistics.

I'd appreciate feedback on what's there. Keep in mind, this isn't out "dream" but rather we're trying to present a true picture of where we're at. We obviously have goals to make this better and have quite a bit of experience in mature operations so we know where we need to be and where we currently fall short. I don't believe that there's anything there that would compromise operational security, but i you think there is, please let me know.

Obviously we're taking some risks in being open and honest about the true nature of our operational capability as a young start-up. But I believe that in the long run transparency will win out and our customers will appreciate the openness, recognize that we're a start-up with lots of competing priorities, and not punish us for places where we may fall short compared to more operationally mature companies.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 10:47:18 2019.