I'm going to Glue

I'm going to be speaking at GlueCon in Denver on May 12-13. The overall theme of the conference is that there is a lot of interesting stuff happening in what we might have thought of as "glue" before--all the code that holds things together. Turns out that there's plenty of value you can add in the glue that makes the resulting mash-up better.

Glue is a new conference (the best kind) and is being organized by Eric Norlin, Seth Levine, and Phil Becker. These guys do good conferences. Eric and Phil were the founders of DIDW. More recently Eric's been doing Defrag. Follow the Gluecon blog for more info.

My session is titled "Building Context-aware Applications using Identity as a Foundation." The gist of the talk is about how Web-site independent identity allows us to create context that spans Web-sites. Of course the most obvious context is an authentication context that we refer to as "single sign on" but it goes well beyond that. This is exactly the problem we're tackling at Kynetx. More on these ideas in this blog between now and then.

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