Top Ten List of Valuable Web Sites and Services

A while ago Christian Gray asked a number of people (Joe Andrieu, Tony Winders, Mike Reid, Michael Lodge, William Hayes, Richard Weddle, Scott Lemon, me and Ian Palmer) to send him a list of Web sites and applications that they found valuable. Here's the list (in no particular order):

  1. -- microloans, loans that change lives
  2. - professional social networking (free and premium) - best way to leverage your professional network
  3. -- virtual assistant, we first read about them in the book The World Is Flat
  4. -- start your own social network/project group today, very easy for non-techs
  5. + - stay on top of info in an automated fashion
  6. - automatic links, associated photos, related articles and tags for your blog
  7. - Online apps for business.  Free for individuals.  Small fees for business.
  8. -- if you don't know about
  9. -- makes twitter easier to manage/use
  10. -- get you quoted in news stories and position you as the expert

Christian has a list of all the contributions on his site.

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