Data Leads to Better Parking Decisions

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The short term lot at Salt Lake City Airport has electronic display boards that tell you how many parking spots are available on each deck. That wasn't always the case. Monday when I was parking to go to RSA, I realized that in the old days my default behavior was to head straight to the top deck because there were always more spots there. The small overhead of driving up to the third deck was far better than driving around the aisle looking for a place to park.

Now, with more info, my alrgorithm has changed. If there's a small number of spots on one of the decks, I skip it, but if the number is large (>100), then I stop at that deck and park.

Of course, the idea that data leads to better decisions isn't a great revealation. People have known that for centuries. But its interesting to see it affect simple activities in my own life.

Our goal with Kynetx is this exact kind of information empowerment. We call the process "context automation." You can get some ideas about how this works by reading our latest white paper: Creating Contextualized Web Experiences (PDF).

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