Agile Roots, ErrorStack, Phones, and Games

At this morning's CTO Breakfast Kay Johansan announced her upcoming Agile Roots conference in Salt Lake City on June 15-16. This looks like a high quality confernce and it's nice to see it local.


Tyler Whitaker also demonstrated the new graphing capabilities in ErrorStack. As someone building a distributed system, I love the idea of ErrorStack--a cloud-based error system that just does errors and does them well. I'll probably start using it to track errors for Kynetx.

We got a look at the phone that Google gave out at IO yesterday. Someone who was there and got one showed up and passed it around. Nice updated from the G1, although without the slide-out physical keyboard.

Scott brought up Atmosphir, a game foundry where users can create their own games. Interesting that the game in this game could be creating games to share with your friends.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.