IIW Trending Topics: OpenID and IC Cooperation and Activity Streams

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IIW IX, the 9th Semiannual Internet Identity Workshop is underway at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. At each meeting, I'm usually surprised by the emergence of one or two topics and pleased to see continued moves toward even further consolidation and cooperation between mature identity protocols.

There continues to be increased cooperation between OpenID and Information Cards. I've see demos of using Information Cards to store and apply OpenID from Microsoft and heard discussion around OpenID selectors and trust frameworks. I quipped that OpenID keeps adding features incrementally in a way that asoptotically approaches the design of Information Cards. Information Cards, on the other hard, search for way to ride the popularity of OpenID to relying party acceptance. For both, getting relying parties to accept them for authentication remains the hopy grail.

One topic that is trending up at IIW is activity streams. Activity Streams is an extension to the Atom feed format for sharing user activities among various systems. The Activity Streams format has already been adopted by Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, and Opera. Monica Keller created a Prezi on the anotomy of an activity stream: who did what, where, when, and under what circumstances. What did they say about it? Who else was there?

As I learned about activity streams I couldn't help thinking how neat it would be to build them into KRL so that you could write rules around activities.

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