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One of the great things about an event like the Kynetx Impact conference that we're holding this week is that they are great focusing tools for a company. This has been true of our thinking, but especially our technology. There were three big features we've been thinking about and working on for a while, but we wanted to have them done for Impact and that made them happen.

The first, I've already mention on this blog: FLWR in KRL, the ability to create foreach loops within a rule. This is a pretty big feature for KRL.

The second feature is creating browser extensions with the push of a button. AppBuilder now has a new link under the "deployment" tag that creates a Firefox and Internet Explorer browser extension that will run a ruleset. Just click the link and you've got browser extension you can distribute any way you like. This is HUGE. In short, you can create browser extension without knowing anything about programming browser extension. This is still a bit experimental, but will firm up over the next few weeks.

Last but not least, we exposed versioning in AppBuilder so that developers can have development version of their ruleset that's different from their production version. This has been much requested by rule writers after they get users up and running. No one wants to test on the production system and this features fills in that missing piece.

Of course in addition to all these, there's countless changes we've made large and small to make things a little nicer before the big event: a new navigation menu in APpBuilder, an updated tutorial, proxy endpoint changes, and so on. I love the way everyone came together and made it all happen. The energy was fun.

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