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You might remember that I am lucky enough to live within the boundaries, of Utah FTTH project, UTOPIA. UTOPIA is a wholesale service, so you don't buy connectivity from them, you buy it from one of several retail providers on the network. Since I first signed up in 2007 I've been using MStar, a service from Prime Time Communications. They were pretty good at first, but recently I've had lots of short duration network outages (5-10 minutes each). I decided it was time for a change.

I've been a big fan of Pete Ashdown's company XMission for a long time. In fact, I first met Pete and heard about XMission at an event on "the Internet" at Park City in 1995 when people were first trying to figure out commercial Internet ventures. It's a long story why I didn't go with XMission from the start that I won't repeat here.

I had a great experience with the switch over because even though there were a few problems getting it done, the customer service was great. I was talking to real human beings who cared. They respond to email. They call back. I'm confident I'm going to be much happier here.

I couldn't resist signing up for the 50Mb symmertric service. I essentially have a DS-3 line to my house. That kind of bandwidth from home is simple amazing. Here's the speedtest graphic of a recent test I ran:

Speed test with new XMission service


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