IIW XI, IIW East, and IIW Europe


In addition to our traditional semi-annual meeting at the Computer History Museum on November 9-11, IIW is also holding events in Washington DC and London this fall. Unlike other identity conferences, IIW's focus is on the use of identity management approaches based on open standards that are privacy protecting.

The IIW East (more info here) will be September 9-10 at the Josephine Butler Parks Center. I suspect that because of the location and discussion that's going on around identity in government circles that this event will have a distnctly different flavor and set of sessions than IIW has traditionally had. You can register for IIW East here.

The IIW Europe event (more info here) will be held October 11, 2010 at MacMillam Hall at the University of London. You can register for IIW Europe here. Early bird pricing is in effect until Aug 31.

And, of course, we'll have the Fall IIW (more info here) at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA on November 9-11. This is the primary event for people interested in such user-centric identity technologies as OpenID, OAuth, Webfinger, and so on. I'm sure there will be considerable discussion of Personal Data Stores at this event. Last spring IIW has almost 250 people in attendence. You don't want to miss this. You can register for IIW XI here. Super early bird pricing is in effect until Aug 31.

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