Starting a High Tech Business: Move As a Pack

Pack of wolves

I'm the founder and CTO of Kynetx. This seriesof articles relates my discoveries and feelings about starting a high-tech business. This is the twenty-eighth installment. You may find my efforts instructive. Or you may know a better way---if so, please let me know!

Yesterday we had a short service degradation at Kynetx caused by a server that kernel paniced. As the incident was in play, I received periodic reports from Wade Billings and Dan McGarry about what steps were being taken to remediate the problem and address customer notification and concerns. Afterwards, I tweeted:

The nice thing about working with people you've worked with before is that you don't have to reset-up processes. Good things just happen.
From Twitter / @Phil Windley
Referenced Tue Dec 07 2010 08:56:15 GMT-0700 (MST)

David Bressler responded:

@windley that's critical, especially with job switching. Moving as a pack helps.
From Twitter / @David Bressler
Referenced Tue Dec 07 2010 09:05:07 GMT-0700 (MST)

I loved the idea of "moving as a pack." One of the things I love about startups is that you get to work with the people you want to work with and usually those are folks you've worked well with before.

Yesterday, I didn't have to worry about how the team would respond or even do much coaching on what we ought to do. Every question I asked was met with a "yeah, did that" or "in process." Beyond that, I trusted that things would be done in specific ways that I didn't have to teach Dan, Wade, and others involved. Actually, I did establish these processes with Dan and Wade. But I did it 12 years ago at iMall. When you're three or four gigs into a relationship with your coworkers there is a tremendous level of trust, confidence, and efficiency. The right things happen without Herculean levels of overhead. Here's to "moving in packs."

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