Building a Personal Commenting System Using Twitter and Kynetx

Earlier today I was talking to Britt Blaser about making the Web friendlier for people who want to organize around political issues. Of course, I immediately imagined a Kynetx application for doing. Doing this as a browser application would have a few advantages:

  1. A browser application operates anywhere people wanted to comment and yet still bring the comments together in various, meaningful ways.
  2. A browser application can pull information from various contexts and make it available where people are.
  3. A browser application would be easily updated as new features were added.

What I envision is something that combines the functionality of the app I built a while back (and yes, it needs to be updated) and Aaron Frost's TweetPlus app. The idea is that you could Tweet on any page and see what others have tweeted on that page.

The next step would be to filter the tweets on the page according to people in my social graph. So get people I follow from Twitter and my friends from Facebook (using Qwerly to find their Twitter handle) and filter the tweets on a page so I only see the ones from my Twitter and Facebook friends.

Final step would be to let me register hash tags with the app and then I'd see tweets from anyone on pages as long as they had those hash tags.

Now, I've moved tweets out of Twitter, showing them on pages I visit, as long as their from people I follow on Twitter or are my friends on Facebook. I can follow issues by hash tag and see relevant tweets on those issues as well. We'd probably want more, but this is a good start and pretty easy to do.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.