Install Kynetx for Google Chrome

Kynetx App Store

The Kynetx Browser Extension (KBX) is now available for Google Chrome users in the Chrome Web Store. KBX is a universal browser extension that allows you to run Kynetx applications in any browser. There are dozens of Kynetx browser apps available right now and developers are creating more all the time.

Because the apps run in the cloud, you get the same behavior from apps whether they're running in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (IE support is comming soon). What's more, even if you only use one browser, the apps behave uniformly across every computer you own and any app state is automatically in sync. For example, I use and love Personal Block List, an app for combatting search spam. When I block a site at work, it's also blocked at home.

Take a minute and install Kynetx for Chrome and grab a few apps. I think you'll like it. If you'd like to know how to use Kynetx to sign up for an account and get started.

Update - KBX is listed in Mozilla Add-ons for Firefox now as well. There's been no review yet, so you can't find it in the directory. If you have any influence on the reviewers, be sure to tell them how great it is. Meanwhile, sign in and leave your own review and rating.

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Last modified: Tue Feb 18 12:22:45 2020.