Data changes behavior. Fuse shows you data about your car and can help you understand the facts about your driving and your cars.

The quantified-self movement is all about measuring your personal activities and gaining insight from the data. Many of us dabble in it with a Fitbit or a Withing scale. Others measure everything and use the data to change their life. Data changes behavior. I walk more because I have a Fitbit.

One of the things I've noticed is that Fuse gives me data about a part of my life where I often make incorrect assumptions that cost me time and money: my driving. Here's a few things I've realized:

  • Travel costs both more and less than I'd have thought. I spend $4/day getting to and from BYU. That's less than I'd have thought. But, $80/month is still a significant spend. I spent $16 driving from work to REI in Sandy and back. That's more than I'd have thought and could change how I think about trips.
  • My doctor is in Alpine. My gut told me going from BYU to I-15 and then up to SR-92 and out to Alpine might not be the shortest rouute, but would be the fastest. I did an experiment and drove to the doctor's office for an appointment by going down State Street and then up Canyon Road from Plesant grove. Lots of lights and stop and go, but more direct. The trip took 30 minutes and was 19 miles. The trip back via the freeway was about 26 miles and took 40 minutes. So, neither faster nor shorter.


  • I was thinking about a new car with better mileage. How much will I really save? Fuse is able to show me my fuel costs for each vehicle and help me see what I really spend.

Having real data often reveals behaviors that seem logical but are, in fact, not optimal. Watching data from Fuse has changed how I drive. I think more about trips I take and the money I'm spending on gas. I'm looking forward to getting maintenance data in Fuse as well because I'm sure that will be eye opening.

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Last modified: Wed Dec 2 16:28:17 2020.