Fuse now supports email and SMS notifications of vehicle alerts including low fuel, low battery, diagnostic trouble codes, and device connectivity.

Guide to Fuse Replacement

I've recently released changes to the Fuse system that support alert notifications via email and text.

This update is in preparation for maintenance features that remind you of maintenance that needs to be done and uses these alerts to help you schedule maintenance items.

Even now, however, this update will be useful since you will receive emails or SMS messages when you car issues a diagnostic trouble code (DTC), low fuel alert, or low battery alert. I found I had a battery going bad recently because of several low battery alerts from my truck.

In addition, I've introduced new events for the device being connected or disconnected that will also be processed as alerts. Several people have reported their device stopped working when in fact what had happened was the device became unplugged. Now you will get an email when your device gets unplugged.

Also, I've updated the system so that vehicle data will be processed approximately once per minute while the vehicle is in motion. Previously Fuse only updated on "ignition on" and "ignition off". This means that when one of your vehicle is in motion and you check either the app or the Fuse management console (FMC) you'll see the approximate current position as last reported by the device.

These changes don't get installed in your account automatically. You can activate them by going to the Fuse management console (FMC), opening your profile, and saving it.

If your profile has a phone number, you will receive Fuse alerts via text. Otherwise they will come via email. More flexibility in this area is planned for future releases.

This update also reflects several important advances for picos and CloudOS that underlie Fuse. The new notification ruleset that is being installed is the progenitor to a new notification system for CloudOS and the updates are happening via a rudimentary "pico schema and initialization" system that I've developed and will be incorporated into CloudOS this summer as part of making it easier for developers to work with collections of picos.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.