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The Aspen Grove Winter Workshop (AGWW) will be held February 17 and 18, 2016 at BYU's Aspen Grove Conference Center. The workshop is hosted by BYU's Office of the CIO. You can get tickets on Eventbrite. The workshop is open to anyone.

AGWW is an unconference that is focused on University APIs, Domain of One's Own, Personal Learning Systems, Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, and other strategic uses of IT in the university environment. This isn't just a technical conference. There will be plenty of discussions about the impact of these technologies on learning and the modern university.

We held the first edition of this workshop last June. Jim Groom did a good job summarizing the extraordinary two days. He says:

The conference was relaxed, intimate, and intense all at once—is that possible? There were only 40 people, but we had 33 sessions over two days. We got to know each other fairly well, and spent a lot of time thinking and talking about APIs, but in a low-key environment. Major props to Heidi Nobantu Saul for framing and facilitating the unconference approach beautifully. It reminded me of the 2007 Northern Voice Moose Camp, just with fewer people. A lot of serendipitous discussions, in-betweeness, and conversational sessions.

We loved how the workshop turned out last June, so we decided to do it again. There was a lot of energy and many, many great sessions.

As an unconference, AGWW has no assigned speakers or panels, so it's about getting stuff done. If you come and there weren't any sessions that interested you, that's your own fault since you can pretty much call any session you like. We will have a trained open space facilitator at the workshop to run the show and make sure everything goes smoothly.

We'll be up in the mountains above Sundance Ski Resort, so come for the workshop and stay for the skiing! We've reserved a block of rooms at Sundance and will be providing a shuttle between Sundance and Aspen Grove. There's also plenty of hotel space down in the valley.

The workshop should be a lot of fun. I hope you can make it! Sign up now!

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