The following are my live tweets from Defrag at the Omni Interlocken in Denver, November 16-17, 2016.

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The following are my live tweets from Defrag at the Omni Interlocken in Denver, November 16-17, 2016.

Eric Norlin:

Defrag is 10 years old. Happy birthday.

Announcing that this is the last time Defrag exists independently. Combining with Glue. #sad

Tim Wagner:

Going server less with AWS lambda

Does serverless mean no servers? No, but there are no software servers (web server framework, etc.)

Serverless goes beyond VMs and containers so that functions are the unit of abstraction

Serverless enforces good design: small individual units of code, persistence separated from compute, one way to do things

Triggers by events or calls from APIs. Easy to do real-time processing, event processing

Bring your own code, Lambda is the web server, uses simple resource model, processes are stateless

Economic proposition for lambda is "never pay for idle"

Lambda economic model makes building a service simple by removing need to understand servers, availability zones, scaling

Would you rather carry a giant beachball of 700 marbles without a bag. Both suck. Monoliths and microservices...

Lambda provides the bag for the marbles.pen spec and tools to package and deploy entire serverless model #comingsoon

Serverless means bring your own frameworks. No need to learn a new framework

Lambda is a universal webhook receiver platform.

Lambda reduces the need for understanding complex distributed computing concepts

Future is a hybrid of containers and serverless to bridge these two worlds

Prediction: we go from abstracting compute infrastructure to abstracting computational systems

Lorinda Brandon:

Marketing person at a tech conference gets "you have stickers, right?"

Marketing smells funny: they always have to good news, they're perky. Makes you think they're hiding something

Marketing thinks developers are mean and scary.

developers are great conversationalists. Developer marketing has to take the bad with the good. Get feedback

Tips for developer marketing: Start with GOOD; respond with truth; actively listen be flexible; get out of the way

API == assume positive intent

Duncan Johnston-Watt:

Hyperledger is a project of the Linux foundation; lots of fancy sponsors

A world of many chains. There will not be a chain of all chains. There will be many public chains and millions of private chains

Blockchain allows everyone to agree on who owns what (for example) rather than having central registry for the asset

Hyperledger fabric is permissioned blockchain network written in Go, chaincode in Go or Java

Cloudsoft's interest in Hyperledger is deploying managing the consensus network and deploying applications on it.

For example: Sotheby's want to run an auction. Cloudsoft could manage the deployment and management of Sotheby's auction code

Mike Zaccardo:

Now Mike Zaccardo is demoing the Sotheby's auction demo

Hyperledger fabric has a notion of containers that allow multiple blockchain apps to run on the Hyperledger fabric

demo shows transferring lots from one client to another, ensuring ownership

Duncan Johnston-Watt

Hyperledger is too big to be owned by a single entity. We should own it in common.

See for more info

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