Learning Digital Identity Podcasts


If you enjoy listening more than reading, these two podcasts may be just the thing to get you up to speed on learning Digital Identity.

Learning Digital Identity

I was recently the guest on a couple of podcasts to talk about my new book, Learning Digital Identity. The first was with Mathieu Glaude, CEO of Northern Block. The second was with Sam Curren, the Deputy CTO of Indicio. One of the fun things about these podcasts is how different they were despite being about the same book.

Mathieu focused on relationships, a topic I deal with quite a bit in the book since I believe we build identity systems to manage relationships, not identities. In addition we discussed the tradespace among privacy, authenticity, and confidentiality and how verifiable credentials augment and improve attribute-based access control (ABAC).

Sam and I discussed identity metasystems and why they're necessary for building identity systems that enable us living effective online lives. We also talked about Kim Cameron's Laws of Identity and how they help analyze identity systems and their features. Other topics include the relationship between DIDComm and identity, how self-sovereign identity relates to IoT, and the relationship between trust, confidence, and governance.

These were both fun conversations and I'm grateful to Mathieu and Sam for lining them up. If you'd like me to talk about the book on a podcast you or your company hosts, or even for a private employee event, I'm happy to. Just send me a note and we'll line it up.

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