The Live Web Series

Live Web Book

The Live Web Series is a series of white papers about concepts and technologies that are making the Live Web a reality. Our vision includes light-weight, cloud-based, virtual computers that we call personal clouds connected in a relationship web using personal channels, communication links of extraordinary power. Using these as building blocks, we envision a powerful and yet practical Internet of Things and new ways of conducting commerce.

The concept of the Live Web is described in the book The Live Web by one of the authors in this series, Phil Windley.

The Web of the future will link together the devices you use, your online personas, and even things we don’t think of as being "on the Web" now like your car and your house. Acting as a cooperating, loosely coupled mesh, the future Web will work to achieve results important to you—your purpose—in context and at the right time. The current world of Web sites and services is inadequate for building this future Web—what’s being called "the Live Web."

Live Web Whitepapers

The following white papers make up the series. We recommend that you read them in order.

From Personal Computers to Personal Clouds: The Advent of the Cloud OS—April 2012

The Personal Channel: The Extraordinary Benefits of Communicating Via Personal Clouds—June 2012

SquareTag: Making Everything "Smart"—June 2012

Introducing Forever: Personal Clouds Application Architectures—May 2013

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