CTO Breakfast Links for March 2007

Mentioned at this morning's CTO Breakfast:

  • I brought up Twitter. Until last week I'd never heard of it, now it seems I hear about it several times a day. I signed up to play with it. My first reaction is that the Web site is sloooooooooooow. Kathy Sierra wonders if Twitter is too good. The basic question is whether the level of interruption justifies the potential good. I think I'm siding with Kathy on this one.
  • Barry Bryson brought is TomTom, a Bluetooth enabled GPS device that ties to the Treo (and other things) and gives you portable navigation support. Looks pretty cool. We all gawked at it and did the geek toy thing.
  • Phil Burns mentioned Jott, a simple service that transcribes message you leave on it with your phone to text and emails them to you. I signed up and left a few messages--they came though perfectly. If I could just convince my Mac that they're not Spam now...
  • Phil also brought up the Utah Blogger's Conference that will happen June 28 and 29th. Robert Scoble will be there. I'll be talking about podcasting. It should be fun.
  • Joey Dempster told me about Open Source Web Design a source for good, free templates and css. I plan to spend some time checking it out.

We had a pretty long discussion about delegation. I'll write about that in another post.

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