Last week was the Utah Open Source Conference. This annual event has grown to be a conference that is every bit as enjoyable and informative as and conference I travel to see. There were easily 400 people there. I can't name all the people involed and their "about" page doesn't list their names--it should. These people are performing a great service to the tech community in Utah and we owe them a huge thank you!

Kynetx had a table in the exhibitor area and there was a steady stream of visitors. Sam spent much of the day at the table, pulling more than his share of duty because the rest of us were working on closing a big (really, HUGE) deal that I'll write more about later. Having Sam there was OK, though since he's passionate and knowlegable--two good traits that go well together. We were really anxious to get people to our conference in November, Kynetx Impact. Sign up now, if you haven't.

I spoke twice. On Thursday, I spoke on the purpose-centric web. The slide are online (PDF), but you'd do better to read my detailed blog post on the purpose-centric web here since my slides aren't heavy on text. Better yet, just come to Kynetx Impact. We'll be focusing on the purpose-centric Web and have guest speakers like Doc Searls and Kim Cameron there.

My second talk was on using Puppet and Cobbler to create an automated infrastructure. The slides for that talk (PDF) are also online. Again, lots of pictures and short phrases, so not as useful for reading. I hope the audio is available soon. The most memorable quote from that talk, I owe to Wade Billings: "as system administrators, we're often the arsonist and the firefighter."

In all, a great event and a great experience for Kynetx to be part of it. I woke up this morning sad that it would be another year before the next one!

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