Sovrin Foundation Welcomes Nathan George


Hiring a full time CTO is a big step for the Sovrin Foundation. I'm excited Nathan is joining us.

The Sovrin Foundation is excited to announce that we have hired of Nathan George as our Chief Technology Officer. Nathan was previously Chief Architect at Evernym, Inc. He has been instrumental in maintaining the Hyperledger open-source Project Indy, which is sponsored by the Sovrin Foundation. Nathan comes with a wealth of experience that will help Sovrin thrive and reach its full potential.

I’m very excited to have Nathan join the foundation. The Sovrin Foundation is much more than an advocacy organization for self-sovereign identity. As I wrote in Decentralized Governance in the Sovrin Foundation, the foundation exists to administer the Sovrin Trust Framework and a significant aspect of that entails designing and implementing protocols, managing Project Indy, and supporting the Sovrin Stewards in their operation of the network nodes. These tasks are technical and having a full-time technology executive focused on this is critical to the success of the network, and the foundation itself.

The Sovrin Foundation technology goals, on which Nathan will have primary focus, include:

  • Planning and following a roadmap that outlines Sovrin development
  • Implementing a Sovrin RFC and Improvement Project process
  • Supporting steward onboarding and operation
  • Managing the release process that prepares code for Stewards
  • Monitoring network operation and reliability
  • Impacting design of the various components of the Sovrin ecosystem
  • Supporting feature development through bounties and other developer incentive programs
  • Participating in standards processes that impact Sovrin

Hiring a CTO represents a big step along the path to self sustainability for the Sovrin network. A huge part of being self sustaining is technical independence. Having a CTO in the Sovrin Foundation will allow us to drive many technical developments and coordinate our open source projects from within the foundation.

Photo Credit: Circuits from Max Pixel (CC0)

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.