Learning Digital Identity I've been invited to be on a few more podcasts to talk about my new book Learning Digital Identity from O'Reilly Media. That's one of the perks of writing a book. People like to talk about it. I always enjoy talking about identity and especially how it's so vital to the quality of our lives in the digital world, so I'm grateful these groups found time to speak with me.

First, I had a great discussion about identity, IIW, and the book with Rich Sordahl of Anonyome Labs.

I also had a good discussion with Joe Malenfant of Ping Identity on digial identity fundamentals and future trends. We did this in two parts. Part 1 focused on the problems of digital identity and the Laws of Identity. Digital Identity Fundamentals and Future Trends with Phil Windley, Part 1

Part 2 discussed how SSI is changing the way we see online identity and the future of digital identity. We even got into AI and identity a bit at the end. Digital Identity Fundamentals and Future Trends with Phil Windley Part 2

Finally, Harrison Tang spoke with me in the the W3C Credentials Community Group. We had a fun discussion about the definition of identity, administrative and autonomic identity systems, and SSI wallets.

I hope you enjoy these. As I said, I'm always excited to talk about identity, so if you'd like to have me on your podcast, let me know.

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